Custard-Filled Long John: The Cupcake

I woke up this morning thinking about cupcakes.  This isn't surprising, considering that every Thursday and Friday for the past few weeks I've been cranking out some version of my new favorite dessert.  I didn't really have any reason to make cupcakes today - we didn't have any party to attend or host, and we aren't really doing anything special.  Then I decided that I AM A REASON, I am special and I love cupcakes and I should have one.  I flipped through my new favorite cupcake cookbook and picked out one that I've had my eye on - Brooklyn vs. Boston Cream Pie Cakes.

So far, I've tried to give myself cupcake assignments so that I started out easy, each recipe increasing in difficulty or complexity with each one I made.  Here's the lowdown on this variety:
- They start out with a basic Golden Vanilla Cupcake which are easy to make (the same kind I made for my very first batch with pink swirly frosting)
- Then they are filled with a Vanilla Vegan Pastry Creme.  This means digging out part of the cupcake and loading it up with a delicious pudding-like creme using a pastry bag.  The creme itself was not difficult to make, but does take some time.  It requires several steps, waiting an hour between each one.  And, don't tell Marty, but the base of the whole thing is soft silken tofu.  To an unknowing consumer, it tastes exactly like the custard filling in Long Johns.
- The Vanilla Vegan Pastry Creme also uses agar powder (a natural seaweed used to make the custard gel-like) and arrowroot powder (used to thicken the creme, much like cornstarch might).  I wasn't sure I could find them at our local grocery store, but lucked out in the bulk spice section and found both ingredients there.
- The chocolate topping is a delicious blend of soy milk, chocolate chips and maple syrup.  Maple syrup!  Who knew?

So even though this cupcake was a bit putzy, it WAS DELICIOUS.  It is just as delicious as a Custard-Filled Long John but not quite as sweet and much lighter.  Martin said that it was the best cupcake ever, and changed his birthday order from a store-bought cake to these cupcakes.  And for him, that is the biggest compliment ever.
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  • 2/13/2009 11:02 AM Susan wrote:
    COngrats! They look fantastic. Only now you have me thinking about the cupcakes in the freezer that are supposed to be for Jake's birthday. Nothing like cupcakes for breakfast. Really, what is the big difference between a muffin and a cupcake for breakfast? Oh, frosting.
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